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From a proud regional feudal rulers and owners of vast principalities with their own subjects, culture, creed and ethnicity from time known only to gods, the formation of country Nepal and dark days of the Rana regime and the most recent eviction of the Panchayat and its monarchy, this nation has arrived at this crucial juncture where its original habitants are reclaiming their self rule.  Much resistance and reluctance has been shown by the invaders to handover their leech like grip on their controversial claim of power and monopoly.  Is this game over or do they have a fight left in them?  Will this country go to hell and back or will they have the tenacity to conjure up a solution before the catastrophe?  Most importantly, what has brought about this unavoidable and roller coaster scenario. The time is short and days are numbered.  

United   Communist Party Nepal(Maoist).  Depicted from China revolution.  Sympathises janajati and low caste but  ‘blood is thicker than water’ saying goes well for them.  They will finally side with their own people and used janajati for their purpose.  Their leader regrets the present position he is on and will not be pleased to choose the side and the signs are already showing.  13000 people were killed and possibly 70 per cent were janajati.  They are fast losing their charm and comradeship.  They have also had to change their  aims and policies many times along the way and  many have been left behind still believing in their old motto.  Their final stance has not made Mr. Bidhya very happy.  Mr. Dahal has defiantly forgotten what he had set out to achieve.  The party is on the wane.

The Congress have through and through aryan superiority complex and mentality.  They have NO respect what so ever for janajati and janajati cause.  They want religion first and want to rule Nepal as a Hindu nation.  But having lost support from the terai region, their vote bastion, the congress must retreat from their bold decisions on religious and caste philosophy.  They are a disappointment to a large portion of janajati voters and supporters  as they are impossible to follow in the current climate.  Congress are the number one enemy of the state and the adhibasi janajati.  They have been involved in high level corruption, malice and deceit to the nation and people.  Mr. Koirala will be a failure should he not recognise these signs of loss and congress will be insignificant in the next election.

United Marx and Lenon.  UML is a soft touch communist party with a democratic view.  The party promises delivery of parity to the public but this is not possible unless it is properly represented.  It has lost its lustre and is outshone by UCPN(Moist).  Mr. J Khanal will be challenged severely in the next election  and will pay dearly should he not embrace the common people in all honesty.

United Democratic Madhesh Forum.  The latest political entrants with highly charged supporters demanding self determination rights and formation of Madhesh autonomous region and an election system based on proportion representation of its citizens nationally has taken off the ground like the rocket to the space.  There is no stopping but UDMF sitting in the negotiation table for 11 provinces shows scepticism in their resolve.  The Tharu are the main race of terai and UDMF should not forget them.

Rastriya Janamukti Party.  The  definition of new Nepal politics concocted by Mr. M S Thapa and publicized by then vocal party Vice President Mr. Gore Bahadur Khapange but enshrined by the UCPN

Bhim rana

 हार्दिक श्रध्दाञ्जलि - भिमी देवी राना

मिग मिडिया प्रा.ली द्धारा संचालित


सुचना तथा प्रसारण बिभाग

दर्ता नम्बर १६८७/०७६-७७


ललितपुर १४, ललितपुर


हुम बहादुर थापा मगर

मोबाईल ९८४१५९३६०६