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Slavery Mentality and mindset of the Nepalese Leaders

By:Hum Sunari/saudi Arab

Kathmandau,Nov 1-The Nepalese people have unpleasantly opposed and objected against the decision of a slavery proclaimed by the Minister Council of the Government of Nepal for a public holiday announced during the formal state visit of the Indian and Chinese presidents to Nepal. 

As formally announced by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, it is come to know that the Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee is officially being visited to Nepal from 02nd to 04th November 2016. In this case, the official proclamation of the Government of Nepal for the public holiday seems to be however meaningful while three days state visit to Nepal of Indian President has officially been fixed. But, the declaration of the public holiday is a slavery of the Nepalese ruler.

At the same time, the Government of Nepal has officially declared in advance a public holiday on arrival of the Chinese President, Xi Jingping too. But, his official visit to Nepal has not yet been fixed. Later, it is known by the media that the Government of Nepal has immaturely decided in an urge and proposal of the President of Nepal, Bidhya Bhandari. What a dictatorial, nonsense and ridiculous announcement is done?

The people of Nepal do badly claim and severely object to the decision of the Government of Nepal that the announcement of the government of Nepal is a really mentality and mindset of slavery of the Nepalese politicians, which seems true too. It is also ridiculously said that the foreign missions under the government of Nepal such as its Embassies and General Consulates around the world too will be remained closed during the day of the state visit of Indian President to Nepal as claimed by the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry.

Upon throughout protest of the Nepalese people against the controversial declaration of the government of Nepal, a contradiction in between the secretariat of the Prime Minister’s office and the Foreign Affairs is unfortunately seen, as the public holiday will be applicable in the Kathmandu valley only due to the chaotic traffics during the visit of Indian President, as insisted by the secretariat of the Prime Minister, while spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs informs that the declaration of the public holiday will be affected to the nationwide and its foreign missions around world, as well. 

Whatsoever decision has officially been made by the government of Nepal will be clear during day of the visit of Indian President. But, why the government and its alliance partners do act as slavery mentality and mindset to India?  The act of Nepalese leaders shows and clears that Nepal is not a sovereign country, Nepal is a part of India and we, Nepalese are survived as residents of one of the states under the government of India. 

We, Nepalese people have badly been suffering by the Indian administrations that our lands in the several bordering areas have undesirably been infringed and violated by India. None of leaders of the political parties of Nepal while they are in power can object and protest against the bossing activities of India, why? What does the sovereign country mean, as you Nepalese political leaders have frequently been iterated? 

Does government of India declare public holiday at nationwide of India while its counterparts as you, President and Prime Minister of Nepal do officially visit to India? Have you leaders of Nepal experienced it earlier? Is not your decision what you have officially done a mentality and mindset of the slavery?

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